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4 Home Cleaning Hacks

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4 Home Cleaning Hacks

Nobody enjoys cleaning house. If you don't do it, though, it just gets out of control. Then when your parents come to visit, you have to scramble to get everything done in a flash. On the other hand, if you had a few simple cleaning hacks, you could keep up with the housework and not have to scramble when someone comes to visit. Here are a few cleaning hacks that will help you to keep up on the house work.

Dryer Sheets Are Your Best Friend

You would not believe the tiny miracles that are dryer sheets. You can use dryer sheets to clean water spots off of mirrors and faucets. Use them in place of a sachet in your dresser drawers or to subtly add a clean, fresh scent to any space. Those difficult toilet rings? Yep. Use them to dust and you have the added bonus of spreading a dust fighting layer as you go.

Don't Be Afraid of Finding Off Label Uses for Your Appliances

When the next door neighbors send their little Petri dishes over for a play date, the first thing you will want to do as soon as they leave is hose everything down. You don't have to go that extreme, however. Take all soft toys- teddy bears, stuffed animals, etc.-- and toss them in the washing machine. One round is all it takes, then you can toss them into the dryer or hang them out on the clothes line. For plastic toys, put them into the dishwasher.

Prevent the Spread of Germs

Believe it or not, your sponge is a pretty good germ spreader. Think about it. You probably use the same sponge over and over again. Want to prevent the spread of germs? Pop your wet sponge onto a microwave safe surface like a plate or a bowl and then stick it in the microwave. In two minutes your sponge will be 99% germ free.

A Little Vinegar Goes a Long Way

Vinegar is great for getting rid of mineral deposits on your faucets and shower heads. Fill a sandwich bag with vinegar and then submerge the faucet or shower head in the vinegar. Secure the baggie with a rubber band. Leave it on overnight and when you wake up your shower head will be clean.

Nobody wants to spend their day cleaning the house. With a few simple cleaning hacks, your house cleaning routine can become a lot easier. Use these tips to make short work of your biggest jobs.