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Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

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Choosing the Right Paint Color for Your Home

Are you aware that the color of your home’s exterior can affect your mood when you drive up? It can cause you to feel good about life, it can stress you out, and it can really have an adverse effect on your mood if you choose the wrong color. If the exterior color of your home is just not appealing, it can make you feel a myriad of emotions you aren’t particularly fond of. It’s imperative you choose the right color for your home so you always feel happy when you drive up to your house, and these tips can help.

Choose a Light, Bright, More Neutral Shade

When you choose colors such as white and other light neutrals, your house looks bigger and brighter. The clean lines, the pretty color, and the mood boost these colors provide are welcome for any homeowner. Colors such as a this are often associated with cleanliness and purity, and they’re not typically associated with stress.

Consider the Other Details

Before you focus on any color, ask yourself what it will look like with the color of your roof and whether you want to paint your shutters to go with a new color or find a new color to match the shutters. Your roof is an expensive investment and if has plenty of life left on it, you don’t want to replace it to match your new paint color. If you have a neutral color on the roof, you can choose almost any house color without worrying it won’t match. Just don’t forget to leave this step out.

Know Colors Look Different in Person

You might find a beautiful shade in the store you want to try at home, but it’s not quite what you thought it might be when you get home. Try picking up a few different samples, including the ones you think are too light or too dark on that small sample paper. Put them on the side of the house and let them dry. Now you can see how each color dries so you know what might work and what might not. It’s the best way to paint your home.

Your house is your sanctuary, and you want it to feel warm and inviting. The color you choose on the outside of your home speak volumes, which is why you should spend serious time choosing the right colors. Don’t rush this process.